March 10, 2003
Listened to

I've decided to create this posting in order to track recordings that have been in my play rotation, both as a reference for when it moves back into rotation and as a history of what I've listened to. I anticipate that I will update this article rather than post new articles as recordings cycle out of the current play list so that I can have a single location where I can find these entries. Thus this article will see updates beyond routine blog maintenance. I may update its update date to push it to the top if I have no other articles worth featuring. I think I'll keep the bulk of the data in the extended message area, with the data moved most recently from my "Listening" area in the main portion of the article.

Archived: 08/20/2006

Christmas Music (too much to list)

Laura Love

previous entries

Archived: 11/25/2005

The Soft Parade by The Doors. Classic.

Color Came One Day by Chuck Brodsky. His latest. I've really been enjoying it.

Short Stories and Bones, both by Tom Kimmel. Bought for 35 cents each at a charity yard sale. A great bargain and worth full price.

Archiveded: 11/25/2004

maggie drennon by The Maggie Drennon Band

Chaos & Calm by Still on the Hill

Storming the Castle by Full Frontal Folk

Archived: 3/17/2003

Come A Little Closer"
by Patchouli.

A four song sampler from the Pat Humphries Duo

Songweaver by Amy Carol Webb

Time Flies by Small Potatoes

Archived: 3/10/2003

Ghost Of Things To Come by Pat Haney, reminds me of John Prine (praise not lightly given)

Good Tar by David LaMotte

Monuments by Kate Campbell

The Song Inside by Sloan Wainwright

Vigil, N.Y. songs since 9/11
by various artists, compilation benefitting Windows Of Hope family relief fund, featuring Christine Lavin, Jack Hardy, Suzanne Vega (producer), Wendy Beckerman, and many more

Posted by JoKeR at March 10, 2003 11:07 AM