January 04, 2007
Daily Internet Checks

There are several sites that I check pretty much every day. Some of them are simply personal, such as checking an email account or reading some comic strips. Some others are things which generally change once a day.

One example of this is Woot.com where every day they offer one item for sale. Usually this is a pretty good deal on a technology related product, but sometimes it features other things such as wine or golf clubs. Every now and then they offer a woot-off where they offer one item after another for a day or two with a new item listed once the previous item has sold out. They tell me I've made five different purchases from them (including an order of Random Crap), but I remember buying some things which they don't mention, so I think their listing of my purchases must just be the latest purchases and not all of them.

A site I only just started following is Giveaway of the Day. This site offers a free licensed copy of a software package with a new one offered every day. Each package is only available for one day, but the installed program is fully usable from then on. Note that it has to be installed that day, so you can't simply download every package and then later install them at your leisure or give them to others. There might still be benefits to paying for the free program such as getting upgrades and support services, but for free it is certainly worth checking out. They have some business model whereby the software companies see the one day giveaway as a promotional tool so that the site hopes to be able to continue to offer free programs for the foreseeable future. There is also the companion Game Giveaway of the Day site.

Another thing I've been trying to do every day is participate in the RevGalBlogPals trivia contest. I'm too slow to get to the top ten and I rarely get them all correct, but it has been fun (sometimes I even manage to do better than my wife!).

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