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JokoSoko: A sokoban clone for Windows which I developed.
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SokoMind: Excellent Sokoban game with many additional levels.

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Sokoban Online in France, including monthly contests

Paul Voyer's home page including a sokoban solver.

David Skinner's sokoban page, many puzzles, originator of hexagonal sokoban.

Yoshio Murase's home page, excellent puzzles.

Evgeny Grigoriev's sokoban page, more tough puzzles.

Sokofun by Games for Brains. Tough, proprietary puzzles.

Robert Vasicek's home page including many sokoban links.

iRiver H10 with lots of music. Random play mode is fun.

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December 31, 2004
Sokoban is better on JokoSoko

I've enjoyed Sokoban for many years. I first discovered it on a Unix box at Georgia Tech sometime in the 1980's. As I've gotten different PCs I've found different versions of the game and even written a few myself. But I have now put together the most complete implementation I've ever done:

I still have some more work to do, but the game plays accurately for any size puzzle (at least, I've never seen one too big for it). It allows you to undo moves back to the start of the puzzle. It tracks up to ten scores for each solved puzzle and can replay the solutions at whatever speed you like. It can record and play back macro sequences so that repetitive moves can be done quickly and easily, allowing more time for actually solving the puzzle instead of repeatedly stepping through sequences that have already been solved.

I've included six puzzles that I developed myself. I'll probably add more puzzles later as I develop them.

I developed the game using the Euphoria programming language. I will be submitting the Euphoria source to the archives if you have any interest in seeing it.

Future enhancements include mouse usage, puzzle editing, and a few other ideas I have in mind.

I also intend to put together some more Sokoban links on this page. There are many Sokoban web sites and many hundreds of puzzles available. Watch this space for links to some of them.

N E W! January 3, 2002 Hexagonal Sokoban! Based on an idea suggested by David W. Skinner (maker of many excellent Sokoban puzzles) I made a modified version of JokoSoko which I am calling HexoSoko. Please give it a try. I've only played with it for a couple of days, but it at least demonstrates the way hexagonal Sokoban could work.


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