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April 08, 2010
Local mechanics

Real Live Preacher has asked that people google bomb his local mechanic so that he can get more business as he opens a new repair shop. I can understand the need for this since it is so easy for repair shops to take advantage of people who cannot work on their own cars and often don't understand how cars work. Thus when someone knows a good, reliable, and especially trustworthy mechanic this is worth promoting. So Gordon's request prompted this posting.

However, not living in San Antonio I'm not able to make use of Mike the Mechanic. However, I happily refer people to my mechanic, Aero Automotive in Canton, GA. This is owned by my friend Scott Holton and I have often been told that the problem I am having with my car needs just a simple repair or even no repair. The work I have had done there has been well done, and the few times a repair has gone wrong they have made it right. I've even upgraded my AAA coverage so that if my car needs to be towed I can get it towed there since the shop is more than 30 miles from my home. I am sure that there are probably other good mechanics closer than Scott, but I am unwilling to risk the time and money that would be involved in trying multiple shops looking for a shop I feel I can trust.

Posted by JoKeR at 10:27 AM on Apr 8, 2010 in Community

Overdue Media allows folks to include the latest "Unshelved" strip on their site, so here it is:

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